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Electronic music|BBN Sample Packs

 "Classic and very personal retro wave inspired by the culture of the  80s". 

"Each single is a fundamental story". 

"Skillful juggling of classic electronic genres, turning them into live  and personal music". 



BeatBoyNinja is onemanband. The musician performs synthwave, downtempo,  breakbeat and other electronic music. This music is influenced by Dj Shadow, FatBoy Slim, Moby and Kraftwerk  and synthwave sound from Carpenter Brut and Kavinsky. 


The musician is present on the Internet under the avatar of a retro steampunk anthropomorphic reptile. BeatBoyNinja's albums are a reference to person, phenomenon or cultural  element. 


For example, the album "Samurai Pattern" is inspired by horror  movies from the 80s. Including "Just Before Dawn", "Basket Case" and  "April Fool's Day".  


The single "Space Experiments" is based on the history of the creation  NASA space agency. The music tells the story of extraordinary space experiments during the 60s space race. The first  Apollo 4 test flight, the first manned flight around the Moon, tests of the lunar module, etc.  

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